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A Good Day In Africa

Olamide and Rebecca from A Good Day in Africa

Olamide and Rebecca from „A Good Day In Africa – The Africa you should know and learn from“ share with us what they are going to talk about in their next radio show this Sunday, January 19th at 7pm.

Africa has been stereotyped as a „continent at war with itself“ because it has and still is home to a number of deadly conflicts. These conflicts since the end of Cold War have costed more than 100 billion dollars to Africa and has caused deaths and displacements as reported by Oxfam. Is a conflict free Africa possible? Yes, it is and this is why the African Union 2020 theme is „silencing the guns“. There is no doubt that African countries have made progress in preventing, managing and resolving conflicts however, this isn’t enough especially when we know that these conflicts are to be inherited by future generations. As we discuss Africa, we realise that its not just Africa that needs to embrace and practice this theme because global security is being threatened so silencing guns should become a global theme and not just an African theme.

So tune in this Sunday at 7p.m on radio Zusa and follow the conversation and share on what you think about the AU 2020 theme and how we can stop the vicious cycle of deadly conflict not just in Africa but globally as well.

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A Good Day In Africa