Bridging Programme

You can choose particular courses or modules in the Bridging Programme.

The Bridging Programme offers two options:

Option 1: Bridging modules

You can choose up to two modules per semester and complete them with an exam. Regular attendance is mandatory. You will get a certificate once you partipate successfully for your academic performance and aquired credit points.

You need a proof of German or English knowledge at least in level B1. If you do not have one, you need to do a placement test.

Option 2: Programme for guest auditors

You can choose up to 10 courses from the guest auditors programme of the university (except German language courses). Participants and people who are interested will get individual advice and mentoring.

The participation of the Bridging Programme is free for refugees. Any travel costs incurred cannot be returned. Semester tickets cannot be used.

Registration for the winter semester 2019/20:

Register online here.  
Selection of courses from the guest auditors programme “Offener Hörsaal”.

Download flyer for information here.

Admission to the Bridging Programme does not imply admission to the official degree programme at Leuphana University Lüneburg. Participants are registered as guest auditors.

The exam results from the Bridging Programme are not legally acknowledged for a later application for an official study at the Leuphana or other universities. However, the certificates document the successful participation in the university courses and can be an advantage for your applications in the future.


Elisa Dettlof
Bridging Programme
Office hours Wednesdays from 2 to 4pm or by appointment
International Office / C14 1st floor (to the right)

Claudia Wölk
Koordinatorin Internationale Studierende & Gastwissenschaftler_innen
International Office / C14 1.OG (rechts)

>> C14 befindet sich auf dem Hauptcampus, siehe auch Lageplan.

Contact Bridging Programme
Contact Bridging Programme