Integreat App for the city and county of Lüneburg

The Integreat App was developed in Augsburg in 2015 and aims to provide new immigrants with access to local information and contact persons.

The app can be downloaded free of charge from the App and Google Play Store, and there is also a web version that can be accessed via browser.

Helpful information is provided in different categories (work & education, studies, everyday life in Germany…). The focus is on local and regional offers. In addition, there is the possibility to maintain current events. The information is currently available in German and English.

The aim is to provide a wide range of information in order to address as many users as possible. Therefore the Integreat App is not only helpful for refugees, but also for guest researchers and citizens with and without migration background. Supporters can also use Integreat.

In Lüneburg we, the Alliance University Without Borders, are responsible for the editorial support of the Integreat-App. We cooperate with a variety of institutions and offers and we would be very happy to include your initiative/organisation in the Integreat App! In the future we would like to offer further languages. Here we are happy about support.

Do you have questions, suggestions for improvement or hints for offers and events? Please feel free to contact us!

Would you as an institution/organisation/initiative like to be included in the Integreat App for Lüneburg?
Would you like to include your event in the calender of the Integreat App for Lüneburg?
You are very welcome to contact us!



Quang-Hiếu “Ken” Phan


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